Friday, April 15, 2011


I first tried a sapodilla at work, offered to me by a Vietnamese co-worker.  Upon my first bite, I knew I was destined to get more.

What an unassuming delicacy.  With a dusty, grayish-brown peel, thin vein-like cracks, and bulbous shape it resembles a russet potato more than a decadently sweet tropical fruit.

Pick out a soft one, violently chop in half, and peel the skin back. This reveals a sunset colored mealy flesh.  Cut out the black seeds at the core, generally between 2 and 5 in number, and slice into sections.

It's difficult to express the sensation this fruit leaves in your mouth.  There are hints of ginger and cinnamon, along with components of buttery, melt-in-your-mouth French pastry.  Extremely rich, sapodilla works best as a pairing with vanilla ice cream or as a lone dessert.  Close your eyes and forget your enjoying something relatively healthy - you'll swear you're taking a bite of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day. 

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Carol said...

This sounds interesting, maybe they will carry it down in the ID. Normally, when I see those unusual fruits I just keep walking, but you've made me want to step back and give them a try.