Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Explorations in Brief: Tan Dinh Market and Cathedral

There is quite a bit to do around the area where Hai Ba Trung and Vo Thi Sau intersect (District 3).  After leaving our bike attended in Le Van Tam Park, we set out on a walking tour of the nearby surroundings.  Highlights included the cacophonous and diverse Tan Dinh Market as well as the ostentatiously pink Tan Dinh cathedral.

Dried delicacies of the sea.

Assorted mollusks.

The ice man cometh.
Pineapples: before and after.

The Tan Dinh Cathedral.  A striking symbol of Roman Catholicism in the heart of the Orient.

Behind the church there is a peaceful garden adorned with statues depicting Jesus in varying degrees of pain and abasement.

There were also some interesting plants, flowers and even a few languorous butterflies drifting around the grounds.

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Carol said...

Great photographs as usual!