Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Homemade Noodle Soup

After an hour of tennis, we had worked up an appetite.  I made vermicelli noodle soup.  I began by chopping and boiling some sweet potatoes.

While they were cooking, I cut some chili peppers, lemon grass and bok-choy. 

I also diced silken tofu into good sized cubes.

Once the potatoes were cooked through, I added some vegetarian soup stock into the water, along with the noodles, veggies, and tofu.

I let it all cook together a bit and mingle.  The ingredients appeared to get along well, but I had to cut their conversations short and serve.

We topped our bowls with some fresh lettuce.  It was tasty.

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Isis said...

Hey Nelllie --

I liked your recipe. I myself cooked dinner now TWICE for my parents. Last night: Great Northern Bean soup w/ hamhocks. Learned this fantastic recipe from a "significant" past Sicilian BF whose family (all total) were great cooks. Add fennel. Really good.

Anyway, tonight was roasted chicken stuffed with Rosemary and Oregano, mashed sweet pototoes with butter and some left over eggnog I added instead of milk (*wink- good idea, huh?) and HOMEMADE FOCCACIA with Carmelized Onions. Just some yellow onions sliced w/ sugar and sauteed in butter/o. oil.

I say this, cuz I think y'all might be needing some real down home Italian cookin' over there.

Tofu ..........it's good for you, but nothing beats some Paisano Love.

Found a place in SF with a 21 year old, sounds like a Mickey/Amanda type. Lol !! What fun !!

Sorry I didn't write on Gavin's entry, lovely writing, I was just too busy w/ my hot dude from Alabama and WSP. But, Gavin is a great writer. Obviously, you have that in common !!!

Xox. Love Ya !! Isis