Saturday, January 22, 2011


"Food is always better eaten in doleful little pinchfuls off the ends of chopsticks." - Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums


Carol said...

I agree!

Isis said...

Gavin -

Hey finally got to SAN FRANCISCO !!

I'm so excited !! I liked your quote ...... I am going over to China Town in a couple days, haven't been there in a while. I really love walking around there, looking in all the shops. I would love to find a Chinese "Curio" -- I have decided to forgo a bed in lieu of making my room into an Art Studio. Who needs a bed?

Your quote reminded me of a Japanese saying (somewhat derogatory) about how the "Fork is an extension of the claw, but chopsticks are an extension of the fingers."

Probably true. I might pick up a couple really nice sets of chopsticks for my neices, 4 and 6 years old. Me and my Mom took them to a Chinese restaurant (my Mom likes to "expose" them to cultural things) .... and we both cracked up when Laci (6) told Lauren (4) that you "hold one stick here and use the other like a pencil" then demonstrated with finesse I would have never expected from a little kid.

Me and my Mom were like ..........."Where did you LEARN that?!" Laci said, "Panda Express." Ha ha ha !

(this is the Chinese McDonald's - I imagine you had them in Reno and Seattle.)

Glad you're both having fun !!

xox Isis
PS: So funny how Nellie writes long, elaborate entries with tons of photos and you write two sentences. Ha ha ha !! Love your blog.

Gavin said...

O Mighty Isis -

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Welcome to the Bay. Go to the confluence of Divisadero and Hayes. On the southwest corner of the intersection can be found a unique restaurant. They serve factory-farmed chicken and cola. Quaint ambiance and lively, often toothless patrons. Long live Popeyes.

Isis said...

Ha ha ha Gavin.

There was an equally quaint restaurant on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Cahuenga.

I especially liked the "Security Guard", teenage hookers, homeless people outside with dogs and the random smell of piss.

BUT: The Mashed potatoes were excellent.

PS: love your drawing. It looks just like you, ala Picasso.

Isis said...

Oh my God, Gavin !!!

I just realized something !

Maybe, just MAYBE, I'm "supposed" to get a Job in that area !!

Maybe it's a Sign ! Maybe that's where My Soulmate Works !!

(Not at Popeye's - I hope - but nearby!!)

... ya never know. This is crazy "chick" talk, btw, that's how Our Minds Operate.

....but, I must confess, the way you wrote that: It was like a Guru or a Soothsayer. Like the Dalai Lama.