Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Photos

 Dragon fruit is currently my favorite tropical fruit.
This is the Green Building.  We sleep here.
Grilled shrimp from The Monkey House, our neighborhood hot spot.
A Vietnamese sandwich (Banh Mi) complete with various cuts of pork, a pate and cheese spread, thin slices of cucumbers, carrots, daikons, parsley, and hot peppers mingling within a crunchy fresh baguette.  Add a liberal application of Vietnamese fish sauce (Nuoc Mam) and there's lunch.


Isis said...

Ha ha .... The "Green Building"..... That's probably easy to remember, yet could you ever be lost?! I'm sitting here laughing, imagining you in a Pink Face Mask with a Light Saber in one hand and some weird Vietnamese crustacean in another guiding you and Gav back to the crib. Lol!

I love the food articles, wish CNN would pick ya up. Hey, they have "I Reports", why don't ya send them a link? Your perspective is charming...... All we get is Obama and his expensive trips (sorry G, I know ya love him.)

Not too much happening here for me, teaching my little 7 year old niece guitar this week, going to San Fran in a couple weeks (after Thanksgiving) xox

CAROL said...

Had no idea the Green Building would look so new and clean. I was picturing something totally different, glad you showed it. Latest food looks good, I thought the sandwich was some sort of strange eel, but I guess that is a veg cut in strips! Your food dishes just keep getting more interesting!