Friday, November 12, 2010

The Dollar Store (Otherwise known as Saigon)

 As some of you know, Gavin isn’t the biggest spendthrift.  He likes to know how much things cost, budget accordingly and always checks the bill.  On numerous occasions during our relationship he has closed his pockets at the sight of overpriced, superfluous items. Thus, saving countless dollars instead of buying shit. Unfortunately, I subscribe to the idea of spending a little extra for something I really want (think Istanbul and the $8 goat cheese).  Thankfully, Gavin’s mental health is thriving because here things are cheap.  Like really cheap.  Let’s take beer for example. You’re spending about 50 cents to a dollar for a cold one (or, more likely, lukewarm over ice).  Peanut butter, around $4 in the States and non-existent in Turkey, is about a $1 here.  Since we are somewhere between the ages of 2 and 99, we like eating peanut butter.
The supermarket is the real home of the dollar shopper.  Two glasses-$1.  A few dish towels-$1.  A set of Tupperware-$1.  I’ve realized Gavin's only shopping weakness… “Well, it’s only a dollar.”  So we load up the cart with items ranging from .25 cents to a dollar: a brick of cheddar cheese, blank compact discs, notebooks, pens, fruit, yogurt, eggs, bacon, vegetables, cigarettes, noodles, storage containers, soap, etc. and our bags and bags worth of goods comes to 300,000 VND.  That’s about $15, less than an hours wage to get us through the week.  The benefits of living in the clouds are endless.


CAROL said...

This is all amazing. We were out last weekend to a little Vietnamese place for take-out. Simple bowl of veg, noodles and some spring rolls-$12 for one person! No such deals here!

Isis said...

How much do kids cost?

Nellie said...

Mom- sorry to hear that! right now Gavin and I are living off $4 for the weekend until we get paid and are still living pretty well!

Isis- I really would like to know. They are so cute, I have almost adopted like 8 of my students.