Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Bluebath Morning with the Laughingthrushes

I cherish these mornings.  Soft, warm hues and vague smiles.  The city sluggish; decidedly uninvolved with the affairs of its inhabitants.  The odd honk or squeal from the street below struggles to lift itself through the languid layer of haze stubborn in its daily scrap with the sun.

The true nature of man shines through best in repose.  Unhindered by the concerns sprawled along the periphery, it is the first light that brings into focus all that is near and all that is truly worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

gavin, you write well and thank you for doing so! i've had similar thoughts on roofs around saigon as the city wakes up. big fan of saigon mornings, also clouds.

hey i'm back in saigon and i would love to meet your new baby! where are you living nowadays?

-evan hudson

Hardly Worth Mentioning said...

how does thsi work help i'm trapped

Gavin Pilisi said...

Mr. Evan Hudson,

Thanks for the kind words. I actually headed to the computer that morning to document some gnarly James Salter quotes, but I got sidetracked and this came out. Come visit Lucy sometime, we live in Phu Nhuan and love having guests.


Hardly Worth Mentioning,

I am also generally frustrated by word captchas. It appears at this point that you have broken through the snare and escaped unscathed. Sorry about the trap.