Sunday, January 20, 2013

iLL presents: A Year From Wednesday

21h | 23 January 2013
@ Yoko - 22A Nguyễn Thị Diệu, D.3, HCM

unii (JP)
~1escV? / un escargot vide ? (FR)
            Antiprism (FR)
            MicMac (FR)

Tokyo-based unii is a sound artist and singer-songwriter boldly conflating her populist sensibilities with no-holds-barred experimentation amidst delicate song structures that unfold like pastel origami. Reminiscent of Björk and fellow Japanese artists Haco and Tujiko Noriko with their advances into capricious avant-pop genius and left-field electroacoustic wanderings, unii's first LP new world, sea and your eyes (2011) and her live performances evoke a paradigm-shifting soundscape of whispery sing-speak, avian coos, multi-tracked echoes, reconstituted field recordings, digital clicks and blips, tempered noise, and unorthodox beats.  A brave new world indeed. 

~1escV? will join unii to provide live visuals - a continuation of a collaboration that has been evolving since the March 2012 performance "else else soup 3" in Tokyo. 

Solo sets by ~1escV?, Antiprism , and Micmac will run the gamut from ambient melodic electronica, techno, IDM, and electro-minimal, coupled with visuals ranging from live digital illustration and generative vector-based graphics.



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