Monday, December 3, 2012

Pulau Redang, Malaysia

Snorkeling in Redang Island.  A brilliant day-trip from Perhentian Besar.

Juvenile Black-Tip Reefsharks patrol the waters around the coral-encrusted rocky point below.

Malaysians are unabashed snorkeling enthusiasts.  They take advantage of the pristine, biologically-diverse waters around their fine country by spending their holidays and weekends on the beach.

The Redang Marine Park.  Near those floating pylons is a shipwreck in about 15 meters of water... which means you can snorkel around the hulking mass and visit the massive goliath grouper that makes his home there.


Sea turtle hatchery.

The last dive site of the day.  A wall off of the virtually unspoilt Pulau Lang Tengah.

Back on Pulau Perhentian Besar.

Our lovely boatmates drift off into the sunset.

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Carol said...

Wow, great pictures! The water is so clear!