Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art Project: Faces

A recent assignment in my class of bubbly three-year-olds was to draw their own personal interpretation of their faces.  Paper and crayons were handed out and creativity ensued.  In my younger classes we have been working on basic hand-eye-coordination exercises - pencil skills, drawing within boundaries, communicative gestures, etc.  Little hands can make a profound impact when put to the test!

Once they had finished, my star pupils were more than happy to pose for a picture with their works of art.  Many of the kids seemed to be directly influenced by early 20th century surrealism while others stuck to a bare-bones minimalist aesthetic.


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Jeff Gibbs said...

Dudes! I finally found your blogs. I love reading about Vietnam. I think, however, that some of the kids are so under the influence of say, the Russians Suprematist that it isn't even funny. That is soooo 20th century kids.