Sunday, July 31, 2011

Manufactured Landscapes (2006)

 Edward Burtynsky focuses his lenses upon environments that have been vastly altered by humans.  Consider  him the anti-Ansel Adams as he documents the disconsolate shards of this crowded globe.

His work speaks of modernity: Impetuous and unsustainable urban growth...

Wage slavery...


All photos: Edward Burtynsky (

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Isis said...

Hey LoveBirds!!!

Happy Happy Anniversary !!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't written, I'm moving (again - I was in a sublet for 2 months) ..... But I found a GREAT apt. at the corner of Haight and Ashbury, w 4 Burners !!!

So exciting !!!! Course, as you probably know, BM Sold Out this year !!! Crazy!!!

I'm not going, I'm getting plastic surgery to get rid of the bags under my eyes, haha. I'm not even joking -
It's my "Rites of Passage", I'm so totally excited !!!

You both looked really relaxed and happy at the beach, great pictures, especially at your 1st Anniversary ....

Love You!!
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