Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Our favorite songs released in the past year are now posted to the right (in no particular order). Add your own lists to the comments section and we will think you are cool. Thanks.


Isis said...

Gavin -

My FAV music this year is specifically BECAUSE of you !!

WIDESPREAD PANIC. You didn't just send me the cd, you brought the whole thing home !! I'm so excited, thank you so much !!!

Can't wait for Denver, but it's snowing like mad there, I wonder what it's gonna be like at New Year's. Ah well ......

My other music (this is not a "new release", cuz I am obviously not as cool as you and Nellie), but it's BLIND MELON "For My Friends".

I would love to send you a copy of the cd, they "might" just replace WSP when they quit touring in 2011, just a feeling. My friend Erika knows the singer, he is REALLY GREAT. Seriously. If only WSP had such a versatile singer (no dis, just sayin').

I am so happy you and Nellie are having such a wonderful time in Vietnam. Can't wait to get over to see you both, I really think that's possible ........... on another note, remember how I mentioned Nellie reminds me of my niece, in manners and personality? She's so cute, you know. Both of them, that is.

I told my Mom, "Nellie said, 'Only 4 of our friends visited us in Istanbul!'" and me and my Mom laughed so hard.

My Mom said, "That's A LOT!!!"

Lol. You guys are so cute.

Happy Birthday G !! Love how your post is 2 sentences and Nellie's is pages! Ha ha ha!! Nothing personal, but Nellie has a better chance at CNN.

Love Isis

Nellie said...

Denver is frigid this time of year. Dress appropriately, like a big woolly mammoth if possible.

I used to listen to the Blind Melon song "Change". Odd that your friend is pals with the singer. I was under the impression that he died in the mid nineties. But it would be impressive to spend time with a ghost. Especially one who received heavy MTV airplay in its halcyon days.

Merry Christmas Forthright Christian