Thursday, October 28, 2010


 Some of you may have noticed Gavin’s resemblance to a gecko.  If you haven’t, think about his long torso with short appendages and his long fingers with round pads at the tips.  He is basically a large, lanky critter.  It’s funny because they are one of his favorite animals as well.  In Vietnam they are considered to be extremely lucky, especially if you find one in your home.  They are everywhere here, on the sides of buildings, clinging to warm signs, and marching through the streets with colorful banners.  On our first night in our new apartment, Gavin found one in our spare room.  He came running out to the living room with his hands cupped around the creature telling me to look between his fingers.  “Look inside, look inside,” he implored.  I did, and sure enough there was a little gecko sitting there, terrified.  After admiring him, Gavin decided to put him out on the balcony so he could get out of the house and find some food.  Unfortunately, once Gavin opened his hands the gecko sprang forward out of extreme fright or frustration with life.  He propelled himself forward at such an amazing speed, that he flew over the balconies’ edge and into the air.  We don’t think our friend survived the 4 storey fall, but we remain optimistic as he may have been heading to college next fall.


JoAnn said...

They eat mosquitoes!

Carol said...

Can you have one as a pet?

Isis said...

They've been lucky for Geico.

Isis said...

Nellie, I meant to tell you that your writing is AWESOME ! I'm sorry I didn't mention it yesterday, I was headed out, but I was thinking about Geckos / Geico.

Please keep up your marvelous travel-logue, I'm gonna send the folks from my website over your way, cuz my life is so boring, lol ! Actually, I got the WSP tix for the 30th and New Years.... those maniacs already sold out the floor (in October), but I'm in Club Seating. It's gonna rage.

Have a beautiful weekend, love ya !
xox Isis