Saturday, December 20, 2008

Teaching, Eating, Sleeping

Good evening (iyi aksamlar). First off, I must give a special bloglar shoutout to Luciano Pilisi who is turning fifty today. Happy Birthday Dad, your halfway to the century mark and looking great.
In other news, I know our base readership (which I am convinced consists solely of our two mothers) has been patiently waiting for Nellie’s return to posting. The Bard said brevity is the soul of wit and my rants are often far from brief (and wit); whereas, Nell tells like it is. However, this time she actually has an excuse as my classes this week were postponed due to scheduling errors and she has worked two eight hour days in a row while I’ve held down the homestead - this invariably meant that I’ve wandered around the flat quite a bit. I am really starting to like the whole stay-at-home-dad-sans-children gig; but, alas, I return to the classroom tomorrow morning. I’ve had plenty of time to put together my lesson plan this time around so the pupils should respond well to it (or one can only hope they respond at all).
We have moved completely into the new flat and are slowly adding some personal touches to it. The ever-present sound of Widespread Panic blaring on shotty computer speakers, the smell of roasting garlic from our pasta dinners, the screaming of neighborhood felines battling it out on the street…it’s starting to feel like home. At the moment we have about another 3 weeks before we get paid but the modest lifestyle that accompanies temporary poverty has led to many positive actions – reading, cleaning, learning Turkish (I am still at the pronouns but making slight progress), decorating, etc.
We do not have internet at the apartment and have made a conscious decision to eschew wireless service and go the way of Thoreau; thus, I am at a café and I’m presently catching a drift of the owners wanting to close up shop. I must bounce accordingly. Back to Walden…

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